Thursday, September 30, 2010

China Glaze: Foxy

Hey you guys! Just wanted to let you know what I wore today, after I swatched tons of polishes. Okay not tons, just 8. But 8 is a lot! Very time consuming, especially when each polish was at least 4 coats because the polishes suck. Anyhoo - I'm getting ahead of myself because I'm going to post them tomorrow after my TA sections. You know - trying to be responsible and all and put school first and frivolousness second. 

So here is Foxy by China Glaze (my fav nail polish company, by the way). This polish is awesome. To be honest I had just thrown it into my cart because I really wanted Swing Baby, and I needed more polishes so  wasn't spending 7 dollars in shipping on only one bottle. So I ended up buying the majority of the Vintage Vixen collection. And boy am I glad I did. This polish is just marvelous! Shimmery! Red! Golden glitter! Definitely one of those lit from within polishes. It is just so surprisingly vibrant! I was expecting a regular old, unmemorable, dark red. Instead I get this awesomeness! Perfect for today, because in Florida we had the besttttttttttttt weather! That's the great thing about Tropical Storms and Hurricanes - we may get a little rain during, but right before and right after we have the nicest weather imaginable. It's nice and breezy (and trust me - the onlyyyyyy time there is a breeze in Florida is if theres a hurricane coming. Normally the weather outside in the summer is sickeningly, stiflingly stale and humid - no escape from the heat really. But today was awesome! Yay!). It just put me in a good mood. So.. enough rambling. More pictures. 

And in the shade: 

I was completely blown away by how awesome this polish is. The ultimate fall polish. October perfection. 

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