Friday, September 24, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Haul

Hey, here are some pics from the lovely DC haul I got a few days ago. Can I just say how much I loveeeeeeeee Diamond Cosmetics?!? Love the products, love the quality, love the color, love the customer service, love the speedy deliver, but most of all I love (yet also fear) the fact that you can order up to 20 bottles and still only pay 5 bucks in shipping! I mean come onnnnn! That's amazing! When I buy bottles from my usual ebay retailer, shipping is 2 bucks a bottle - every bottle! Transdesign and 8ty8 are pretty good but my shipping costs are usually like 7 or 8 bucks and I never get 20 bottles. Oh.. plus DC polishes are sooooooooooo cheap!!! 2 bucks. Two measly dollars. That's right BD, two. So go ahead and order one. Or two. Or preferably 20. 

From Left to Right: Matte Top Coat, Burgundy, Under the Willow Tree, Concrete Jungle, Joust for Kicks, and Serendipity.

L to R again: Serendipity again, Giddy, Matte Smoke, Tranquility, Hi-Ho Silver, and Oh Tiff. 

I am super excited to try these out. Apparently I'm on a blue/gray stormy day kick. I can't get enough. I've already swatched some of these so hopefully I'll get them up tonight. Although I might hold out on posting all of them right now because it was pretty darn rainy here in FL today, and here in FL you really can never predict when the sun will shine and when it will hide behind clouds all day. Stupid fickle weather.

On an unrelated note - I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that hockey has started again. It has been a longgggg summer of watching baseball. And I hate baseball! But there is nothing else on in the summer. I love the "fall" specifically because the good sports (hockey and football) come back and provide me with something to do every night. You know, I mean besides the astronomical amount of reading that I am assigned. 

Also - I am ecxited about my shows coming back on! How I Met Your Mother! Big Bang Theory, Glee, House, The Office, Modern Family, Survivor! I've seriously missed you all. And even you cheesy CW shows like Gossip Girl, ANTM, and Life Unexpected. 

And... now I've got to go and at least pretend to do some reading.

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  1. I love the shades you purchased! And yes, stormy weather mood! Winter, much? It just became fall! (Well, at least for everyone EXCEPT us)