Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yucky Grey Stripes

Well, I'm getting kind of backed up with pictures to post. I was afraid of bombarding my readers with too many posts. But then I realized I don't haveeee any readers. So I probably shouldn't concern myself with that. I suppose this blog will more or less just be documentation of all of my polishes and comparisons so I don't have to swatch polishes on different fingers to see what I want to wear the next day (which I do surprisingly often). 

Anyhoo, here is a mani that I wore the other day that I am reallllly not a fan of. 
Well, I'll just let the shitty pictures speak for itself.

For this mani I sponge-applied two Diamond Cosmetic grays that I recently acquired from my DC haul that I will show you in a bit. I used Concrete Jungle for the light gray and Matte Smoke for the dark gray. Then I used both my white and black nail art pens for the stripes. I absolutely adore tiger stripes. I feel that they can totally mask any accidental fuck ups that come with sponge gradations. Plus they're just cool to look at! I really encourage everyone to practice them (including you BD!) because they're awesome. 

So... the gradation in and of itself wasn't too bad, but I really felt like the polish was hard to clean up, and that it flooded my cuticles and there wasn't much I could do to stop it. So that I suppose was the primary reason why I hated it. I just felt like it looked reallllly messy the entire time I wore it, but since I put so much time into creating it (okay, not really a lot of time - just while I was watching Lone Star - which was surprisingly good! And damn! that guy is a totttttttal hottie!!!) I wore it all day instead of changing it in the morning. Overall - I probably would not use the colors I used in this mani again for this type of application. For sponge applications you really need polishes that clean up easily and don't stain. 


  1. I reallllllllllllllllly like the gradiation on the fingers with black stripes. That's beautiful! I hate when it pooooool or when you think you have all of the polish off of the brush, then all of a sudden there's a huge glob on your nail.

    And I want to try it!!!! Really bad, actually, but I don't know how! =( You need to come over or I need to go over there and you teach me and we can be crazy polish people together.

  2. Also! You have readers. And if no one else counts, I DO and I want to post a million gajillion. =)