Friday, September 10, 2010

Pure Ice: French Kiss w/ Holo Top Coat


So this post is about the lovelyyyyy French Kiss by Pure Ice. It is definitely awesome. Fabulously creamy. Not a hint of shimmer in sight. Which I love. Sometimes you want some shimmer - and sometimes you don't. I think that this polish is uber classy.

Damn! Look at that creamy goodness!!! In this case - the bottle color is spot on. That is exactly what it looks like on the nail in real life. Fantabulous. Now I was planning on posting pictures of regular old French Kiss... but I can't resist a good holo! In this case, my own frankened holo top coat. I added some hologram glitter that I purchased online via the Coastal Scents website, and just added a very tiny bit to an older bottle of seche vite. And now whenever my bottle of Seche is running low, I just add it to the holo version. I freaking love it. I use this top coat on EVERYTHING. It is sooo shiny.

Some people may not like the fact that the glitter settles to the bottom of the bottle, but that is actually what I love most about this. When I use another holo top coat polish like China Glaze's Fairy Dust, there is no way to not have any insane about of glitter on your hands (although really - not that big of a deal for me bc I loveeeeee shiny things). But I like the fact that with this polish I made, if I only want sparse glitter (like the glitter shown here), I can just shake it up a little bit until I get the glitter consistency that I want. Isn't that awesome? I think it is. 

Now... let's talk about Coastal Scents. Holy moley that place is amazzzzzing! And sooo cheap! I went there after seeing a reference to it on Dr.  Frankenpolish's site. And they have options for different sizes - the smallest size is a dollar or so, and the next largest size was like 3.75. So while ordering, I figured that the bags I saw online from Dr. Frankenpolish had to be the 3.75 size because they were pretty large bags with lots of glitter. Enough glitter to last a girl a lifetime. So I ordered the 3.75 size. What did I receive for my three dollars and seventy five cents???

Ba-Bam!!! A massssssssssssssssssssssive amount of hologram glitter!!!!!

Ahhhh.. so rainbowey. I love it! 

Granted - this was the amount inside of the bottle when I purchased it (I only used like a 1/4 teaspoon in my Seche Vite - mind you - I haven't added any more glitter since creating it. In February! And I use it all the time. So this stuff goes a longggggggggg longgggggg way). So the contents settled a little, but still.. Not only is this enough glitter to last me the rest of my lifetime. I'm pretty sure I can pass it down for like 10 generations.

So there is a video of the finished product. Fabulous, if you ask me. I love blue. I love glitter. I love everything that has to do with nail polish. What a fantastic nail day.

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  1. I would seriously carry that container with me everywhere and constantly stare at it. I can't believe the price you paid for all of that!

    BTW with how it settles and everything it reminds me of INM Northern Lights which I've been DYING to get my paws on.