Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ulta: Scene Steel-er

Today I bring you Ulta's Scene Steel-er. This is a really cool metallic dark gray. I really like it. But I had forgotten how much I like it until I just saw these pictures. 

Unfortunately - massive brushstrokeyness with this polish. Not saying it is necessarily a bad thing, but just be prepared to put a little more time into this mani.

I think this polish is so pretty in the shade!

Overall - there are better dark gray metallics out there that don't leave massive brushstrokes like this one - but this is only 2 dollars at Ulta! Two dollars!! For a pretty nice sized polish that applies pretty good. Is it the best? No. Will it suffice? Definitely. Plus - these pictures were taken without a top coat, and maybe if I added one the brushstrokes wouldn't be as noticeable? I'll have to try it. 
Oh, and definitely if a holo top coat were added they wouldn't be noticeable at all. I actually realllllllly want to retry this polish with my frankened top coat. I will keep you updated. 

1 comment:

  1. Ooh I like! It looks like an inbetween shade for my Fashion Bug polish & OPI - Take It For Granite. Deffff try it again with holo!!