Saturday, September 4, 2010

China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy

Oh China Glaze... I love you so much! By far my favorite polish company. They constantly roll out huge new collections several times a year, and they have the widest variety of colors that keeps a girl like me happy. A few days ago I decided to go with a polish from the Poolside Collection entitled Flip Flop Fantasy.

I find this color to be the most accurate, although my camera had major problems capturing the fluorescent awesomeness of this polish. 

The pictures I took outside look very orange, which is not the case in real life. 

The real color is more of a neon salmon... very pink yet orangish at the same time. In these pictures it just looks plain orange. How unfortunate, because this color is pretty darn cool. However, I do have a love-hate relationship with neons. There are so many pros, yet so many cons. 
Pro: they dry super fast
Con: they dry matte
Pro: They have awesome colors
Con: All of the awesome colors I have ever purchased are also incredibly sheer
Pro: Great for layering (bc of their quick dry time)
Con: They chip ridiculously fast - which is a major problem for me because if I see one chip I instantly have to change my polish. I just can't stand chipping. 

Overall - I generally don't allow my problems with the neon formula affect my desire to purchase them, but I usually wear a neon color once or twice before I get fed up with the chipping and realize it is not worth the hassle. Especially when we're talking four coats on these pictures of Flip Flop Fantasy when I only wore it for a few hours.

Oh, I must say that I find that the wear time for my fingers is totally different for my foot wear time. When I received the poolside collection in mid-April, I instantly put Pool Party on my toes, and decided to wear it until it chipped. Well, come the second week of May I got tired of looking at it. I got a good 3-4 weeks of wear without a single chip. It is bizarre. I wonder if anyone else has these inconsistencies. 

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  1. I completelyyyy agree about how this polish looks in these pictures!! They're wayyyy more orange.

    You're not alone -- I can wear polish on my toes for weeks (even with wearing flip flops constantly) but can hardly keep it on my fingers for more than a day or two!