Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pure Ice: No Means No

Okay... moving along on our Pure Ice journey to No Means No.

I apologize for the crappy polish job. I had dented my index finger big time, and attempted to just go over it with another layer of polish, but it just ended up looking globby and gross. I'll repost pictures of this underneath Pure Ice Heartbreaker when I get a chance. Maybe tomorrow. 

Other than the mess that is my index finger.. I really love this polish. I have a lot of these bright shimmery purples. I've also been meaning to purchase Nubar's Pasadena Purple for the past.... year. lol. So I'll hold out on doing a purple comparison until I pick that up. I heard (ok.. read on a nail blog) that China Glaze's Coconut Kiss, which I have, is a pretty close match. 

I think it looks much better with two coats rather than the three on my index finger. I think the shimmer really shines through. Although that could also be because the polish was wet on my index finger, so it is not showcasing its shimmery goodness. 

And... here is one of my kitties! Abby (named after Abby Normal from Young Frankenstein - Fantastic movie!) She was wondering what I was doing outside and came over to investigate. She looks kind of angry here.. but she was just sleepy. Two seconds after I took this, she plopped on her side and went to sleep at my feet.

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  1. Awww Abby's so cute! I wish I saw this face more often, usually she just runs away! =(

    I'm lovingggggg this purple! Is it a duochrome as well or just a shimmer? It looks like both! I love it. You def need to pick up Pasadena Purple since that's what started this whole thing!