Thursday, September 23, 2010

Essie Haul

So today a fabulous item arrived on my doorstep - the Essie cube I ordered from Amazon! I'm sooo excited! I was originally going to just grab the mini cube they have at Ulta, which was 17 dollars for 4 of the 6 colors, and they are mini bottles, so it only contains .16 oz of product (as opposed to the usual full sized bottles of .5 oz). But since my last trip to Ulta in which I grabbed a few 1/2 off Essies, I realized I reallllllly wanted to get this fall set. So I went to order the mini set from Amazon, and instead I found a full sized set! With all 6 colors! for 35 bucks! Including shipping! In other words - ridiculously cheap! And it came really fast, I must have ordered it on Sunday and it shipped today (Thursday).

From left to right:  Little Brown Dress, Velvet Voyeur, Merino Cool, Sew Psyched, Limited Addiction, and In Stitches. 

Very excited to swatch these!! 

1 comment:

  1. They are sooo pretty! I can't wait for you to swatch the rest!

    (BTW - P now knows what "swatching" is -- and I'm not so sure she's thrilled she does. Haha!)