Saturday, September 11, 2010

China Glaze: Cosmic

Yuk!!!! This is by far the worst polish I have ever purchased. And I've gotten some pretty crappy polishes. But this is just a hot mess! It could just be that I am extremely disappointed because this color looks so amazing in the bottle. It looks incredible. When I saw it, I thought.. "sweet jesus where have you been all my life, China Glaze Cosmic?!?" And then I put it on. And with the first coat.. I was a little disappointed because it was sheer and I felt the glitter was pretty sparse. But damn.. on the second coat, I was like "nooo go back into the bottle, you globby glittery disaster!!"

Gross. Disgusting. Grainy, globby diaster. It doesn't even come across as a holo polish in real life! And that is so sad considering how amazingly holo the bottle is.  Instead on the nail it just looks like blackened silver glitter blobs.

See... it is so pretty in the bottle!!!! Bait and switch!!!

I was especially excited for the different sized hologram glitter. Too bad you can't differentiate between the different blobs coated in polish. 

Ewww. I just think it looks gross. Like I stuck Elmers glue to my nails and then dipped them in black sand. And this is with two incredibly thick coats of Seche Vite. Honestly maybe if I had used four coats it wouldn't be as grainy. But any polish that requires four coats of a top coat to smooth it out isn't worth my time. Especially because I feel that I can come up with a better combination that I will be posting shortly. 

Goodbye China Glaze Cosmic. You are going to the back of my China Glaze drawer and I hope I never see you again. 

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  1. HAHAHA You crack me up!!! -- "nooo go back into the bottle, you globby glittery disaster!!" -- hahaha. Man, I love you.

    But I agree! I wish the bottle pics were nail pics! You can tell in the pics that the application sucks and it's all bumpy and creepy. Poopoo on CG!