Sunday, September 26, 2010

Essie: Limited Addiction

     Here is the first post regarding my Essie mini-haul of the Fall 2010 collection. Let me just say that I want to apologize to Essie because I was unfairly judging their products way too harshly. My first experience with Essie was just this past spring. When I saw the Resort collection I swooned. I drooled over those polishes for months online and when they came out in May, I couldn't click "Add to cart" fast enough. Well... imagine my surprise when I put on Turquoise and Caicos and realized that China Glaze's For Audrey was strikingly similar! And then I put on Lapis of Luxury and it was way to similar to my recently purchased China Glaze  Secret Periwinkle. So once I was upset that I had spend 16 dollars ($8/bottle) plus shipping on polishes that I had felt I already owned, I managed to find other flaws in them. Like Turquoise and Caicos chipped the day I wore it. Could it have been coincidence? yes. Could I possibly have accidentally slammed my nail against something? Those who know me will attest to the fact that it is way more than a possibility - it is pretty much a certainty. But I was too bitter to take a step back and look at the polishes in their own right, so for the past 5 months those Essies have sat on my "etc" polish shelf, seemingly to never be looked at again. 
     Well here we are, Fall 2010. And I realize that I have been selling Essie short. While their regular line of polishes doesn't appeal to me, I have to give credit where credit is due and say that for the last couple of years, their seasonal collections have some of the most fantastic colors. Even if they may be dupes for colors in other lines, it still should be recognized that they took the time and effort to create a polish for the people like me. The people who love the whacky, bold colors. This fall I was hesitant to purchase this collection, even though I love fall and fall colors - just because I was still upset with my previous Essie experience. I tested the Essie waters again with a few 1/2 off bottles that I found at Ulta and realized that I was being foolish! Foolish, I say!! I loved the deep vampy reds that I grabbed. And I just knew that I wouldn't be disappointed by purchasing a couple of the colors from this fall. Well, at Ulta the mini cube is 17 dollars, which isn't that bad. But it only comes with an itty bitty amount of polish. I knew I could do better, and browsed the internet and found a full cube with all 6 polishes, full sized for only 35 bucks (and that was including shipping) on Amazon. So naturally I clicked the ever regrettable "Add to cart" button, and a few days later they arrived at my doorstep.  

Here is the red that everyone and their mother is talking about. Limited Addiction. Just a warning, I am not a fan of this application. It was incredibly rushed before I was running out the door, and I just don't think that I did the polish justice. Also the pictures are shitty. Sorry!!! Still working on the new camera thing. It probably won't happen till christmas. Fingers crossed. 


Let me first say I am naturally inclined to like anything with the word 'addiction' in the title, because it makes me feel better about myself and my own polish addiction, which is not nearly as bad as some other peoples. I'm such an asshole sometimes. 

Let me secondly say that this color is phenomenal. If you're looking for a red  go with this one. It is just perfection. Well, I don't have Essie's Jelly Apple to compare, but I think that this would be my favorite bright red of all time. And I think that's because it isn't that bright. It's not in your face offensive, it is just classic, yet paradoxically it is also fresh. Clean. Sexy. I just love it. In fact, I love all of the polishes I have tried from that collection so far. Right now I am *trying* to do a wear test using Sew Psyched. But it is reallllly hard for me to not change my polish. Like really hard. So... we'll see how long this lasts, but I love the color of Sew Psyched so hopefully it will be easier. I've been wearing it all day and not even the tiniest of tipwear yet. In fact, my wrap-around is still in tact and that usually disappears at the end of the first day with any other polish I wear, so at the moment it is impressing me. I will obviously keep you updated, since that was the whole intent of this blog. 

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  1. I love this red!! I'm probably going to end up with this collection -- and it's all your fault!