Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pure Ice: Excuse Me


Continuing on our Pure Ice journey, I present to you Excuse Me. Which personally I think is one of the most awesome colors of their whole collection. For a variety of reasons. Number one - its YELLOW. Veryyyy yellow. Which is cool! I was definitely on quite the yellow kick earlier this spring and this is by far my favorite yellow.

While it doesn't exactly mesh perfectly with my skin tone - I feel that this is the most forgiving yellow that I've tried. I think its because of the shimmer, reflecting off light and changing the color of the polish from light to deep yellow. For me, it looks much better than some of the yellow creams that I have. I'll have to try some other yellow shimmers and see if they are in the same vein as this. 

Okay - so let me talk about the other major reason this is my favorite yellow. The application!!! It's a dream! for real! Usually with my other yellows I get major streakiness. For some reason as soon as I put a second coat on, the coat underneath lifts up and it's just overall pretty disappointing. Because the next thing I know I have 4 - 5 coats of a polish on and I'm desperately trying to get it to even out. Ugh. I'm frustrated just thinking about it. But this - this folks is two coats! In fact, all of these Pure Ice's are two coats. When it says on the bottle: Apply two coats. They mean it! The first coat may seem pretty sheer on a lot of the polishes, but I PROMISE you that once that second coat goes on it instantly becomes opaque. Another reason why Pure Ice is awesome.

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  1. This is such an awesome shade! I love it! It makes me think of flowers... and easter. Haha. But it's pretty and it's awesome to hear that a yellow can have great application! Most yellows suck ass and streak like hell.