Sunday, September 5, 2010

China Glaze: Flying Dragon

So today I decided to go with China Glaze's Flying Dragon. I must admit, I want to like this color more than I actually do.Theoretically its amazing - neon purple base, pink/purple and blue glitter. Unfortunately I get horrible wear time with this. In fact, as I was taking these pictures I got a massive chip on my right hand. Which sucks because I had just finished putting it on a few hours before hand. I do love the color though. I like it better outside in the sun because you can actually see the glitter. I feel like when I am inside it just looks like any regular old purple polish. And it gets very dark indoors, whereas in the sun it actually does look like a bright neon purple. Minor details though, I still wear it despite its flaws. 

I think that if you make this picture larger, you get to really see the awesomeness of the glitter. Also, I really need to peruse my thesaurus and find a few new words for awesomeness. 

I feel that these last two pictures are more indicative of what the color actually is the majority of the time. Still pretty, but I love the brightness and shininess that I get when I am outside. 

Also, the polish dries matte, which I am not a fan of. It is also incredibly grainy, but a few thick coats of Seche Vite fixes that. Hopefully I will be back later today with a new polish, since I am taking this chiptastic mess off as we speak. 

Current Reading:  Walter Ullmann's The Growth of Papal Government in the Middle Ages: A Study in the Ideological Relation of Clerical to Lay Power. 
          - It sucks. And it is soooooo very long. 492 pages long. That is about 400 pages longer that I would like it to be. And I have to have it read by Wednesday. I am on page 44 (where I have been for 3 days). I am such a procrastinator. Sometimes I really hate grad school.


  1. Not gonna lie, from those pictures I'm IN LOVE. I wish it clearly looks like that picture of the bottle (third from bottom) all of the time. Now THAT would be amazing!

  2. Oh I know!! That would be amazing! That's what I was hoping for when I bought it... so kind of a let down but it's still pretty cool.