Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blue and Yellow Tiger Stripes

This is my mani from a few days ago. I used a sponge to paint on the blue and yellow, which were Hard Candy's Frenzy and Ulta's Sun-sational respectively. I then used a regular old black nail art bottle from Walmart to paint on the stripes. 

I really loved this mani. Very bright and colorful. 

and very shiny, right? Not any more! I added Diamond Cosmetic's Matte Top Coat, which I received in my moderately sized haul the other day. I love this matteness! I really didn't think I would, I just wanted it for the ability to do 

I feel like the matte top coat dulled the colors a little bit, and I'm fine with that. I think it looks pretty neat. Unfortunately I had a issue, but only on one nail. When I put the matte TC on, it seemed to kind of crack or split the sponged on polish from the white basecoat of polish I had first put on. It was a bit strange, but not that noticeable, and like I said that only happened with one nail. So I will have to try it again and see what happens. 

Damn. I intended to alter the schema of my blog to include less bs and more pics. Alas, my goal to reduce bullshit didn't work. Surprise, surprise. Perhaps I'll have better luck next time. Sorry for the rambling. 


  1. You HAVE to show me how you do this! I love love love it!

    I've been avoiding Diamond Cosmetics' website, but I may not be able to do so for much longer.

    Last, but NOT LEAST, you better not stop your ramblings! I love them and they make me laugh. =)

  2. Also... take more pics with the matte topcoat! I'm so curious!! Especially since you hate matte polishes.