Friday, September 24, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Tranquility

So here is one of the polishes from my DC haul, Tranquility. Let me just preface this post by saying that this is my absolute, hands down without a doubt favorite DC polish ever. I was hesitant to purchase it, because I already had Oh Tiff in my cart, and I was looking for a For Audrey dupe with a better consistency, because for some reason China Glaze dropped the ball with that polish and I have a sticky gooey mess that I am constantlyyyyy thinning out. Anyway, so I figured Oh Tiff would fit that bill, but Tranquility looked so darn good too, I figured, what the hell! Get em both. And man am I sure glad I did. This is without a doubt the most opaque pastel blue polish you will ever find. Seriously. I dareeeee you to find better coverage than this. These pictures that I have, guess what. ONE COAT! Except on my pinky because I wanted to see if there was a noticeable difference between one and two coats. Guess what- in real life, there isn't a bit of difference at all. I see on here there is a slighttttt difference between the coverage on my pinky (on the right) and the rest of my fingers. But seriously in actually not that noticeable. If I had put a thicker coat on, it probably wouldn't be noticeable at all. 

So I definitely have a problem with my camera. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes there's a blurry spot in the middle of my pictures (like in these pics), I dropped it in the sand when I was watching Harry Potter at the beach (the Treasure Island beach blast saturday thing, theres a giant inflatable movie screen and they project a movie on it. It is actually pretty awesome. I love Indian Rocks beach. By far my favorite beach on this side of Florida). Anyhoo - dropped it in the sand and now there are giant black splotches on my display screen. It doesn't affect the pictures being taken, but it is still annoying. Purchasing a new camera is my number one priority right now.

I love this polish. Seriously if you're going to get one DC polish - make it this one. If you're going to get two, make it this one and Chainmail Charm.  If you're going to get three... Well.. I'll stop at two for now. And perhaps eventually make a list of my favorite polishes from every brand. 

I'm watching the movie Go, and I forgot how totally strange it is. Lemme tell you - I'm looking at some naked bodies that I would have rather not seen. 

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  1. This is gorg! So Cheeto. I want to see Chainmail Charm!