Monday, September 13, 2010

Nikki's Halloween Costume

Okay.. so this year I have a few options for Nikki's (my dog) Halloween costume. I'll be posting pictures of the other choices soon, but right now I only have pictures of three. And one is from last year's halloween.

This is the old standby. Cookie Monster, or as we like to say, the Nikki Monster. This is actually not a dog costume, but rather a 3/4 Toddler costume. But hey - it works. And there's no bottom, so thats a perk bc it is easy to let her go to the bathroom. An essential aspect of any doggie costume. She's been wearing this for all 3 years of her life. I love it. But it's a little snug, and I always feel bad putting her in it because I know she would be more comfortable not wearing it. I tried getting a 4/5 size, but it involved internet ordering and ridiculous shipping charges, not to mention that they were sold out of Cookie Monster and only had Big Bird. Which might not be a bad alternative. I might be ordering that. 

So... I bought this at Target last week. It's kind of funny - dog biscuits and candy corn in a doggie tummy. Nikki loves candy, so it's definitely fitting. And the costume fits her - which is a shock because it is really rare that one of the XL costumes actually fits. But we live in Florida.. and this costume has got to make her too warm. It is always over 90 degrees at the end of October. I see no reason for this year to be any different from all the previous. So I'm leaning against this one. 

And the latest addition (purchased today). A spider! scarrrrry. lol. She seemed to really like it - as if she didn't even know it was on. Which is good because usually she tried to bite at any costume we put on her. This costume freaked one of my cats out for some reason. He was super scared, hiding behind the couch and peaking out to see what the heck was on her head. Haha. I think it was the eyes that got to him. It was totally amusing.  I kind of like this one, but I'm still more partial to the Nikki Monster. What do you guys think? I also got her a football costume, which would be the most awesome doggie costume in the world, but even though it was advertised as extra extra large at PetSmart, it looked like it was cut for a beagle, not a 90 pound Golden Retriever. 

Well... I'd love to hear some comments about which costume you guys like. Or maybe some suggestions for a new one? Does anyone els dress their doggie up for halloween? Or is it just me. She absolutely loves people - so halloween to her is the greatest creation of all mankind. 

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  1. These are all great! I'm glad they fit her. The skeleton is hilarioussss! Not gonna lie, though, my favorite thing ever is the elmo. Okay, so seriously, I wrote Elmo and meant it! How silly of me... COOKIE MONSTER! I was a cookie monster as a toddler... that's probably why I'm partial. Either that or I just like blue.