Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sally Hansen: Dive Deeper


Today I went with Sally Hansen Dive Deeper from the Complete Salon Manicure summer line that came out a few months ago. You know.. the line that had the extremely covetable Hidden Treasure. While Hidden Treasure is a fantastic layering polish, I really feel that Dive Deeper did not get the recognition it deserved. On most of the blogs I read, it was dismissed as a sheer light blue mess that wasn't worth anyones time. Well, I disagree. While this polish is pretty sheer, it is well worth your time to build up layers! I haven't seen another pale blue quite like this color. It has so much shimmer its practically luminescent. The polish is comprised of extremely tiny silver and blue microglitter suspended in a sheer pale blue base.

While in the pictures I still have a visible nail line, and usually that would bug the crap out of me, It is not 
noticeable at all in real life. 

Can you see the magnificent shimmery goodness??

While I know pale blue might not be your thing, since it oddly is too bold for those who like to stick to sheer pink, yet not bold enough for most of us who love vivid, eye catching polish. But I really wish that people would have given this polish more of a chance. Hopefully if you see it sitting all alone on a Complete Salon Manicure display from last April, you pick it up and try it. And if you don't like it, you can always ship it over to me. 


  1. I surprisingly like this. I'm not surprised you do, since you love anything blue/teal/green, but I digress. lol We need to have a polish party!

  2. lol. I do love my blues. And yeah we should!