Monday, September 6, 2010

Green Leopard Print Nails


Today I wanted to show you guys my Green Leopard Print mani. I didn't intend for this to start out as a leopard print. But after I put on the strange light green nail polish that I had picked up at Sally's for half price, I needed to do something to it. I'm not saying the color in and of itself is horrible, I actually kind of like it in a weird way. But it looks strange with my skin color. Also - speaking of this light green - wow... what an application disaster. I figured since it was half off that nobody wanted it so it was probably a sheer mess. And I was totally right. What you're looking at is 6 coats. Thats right... six! And it probably could have used another. But while I didn't necessarily love the color alone, I actually adore this combo with OPI's Jade is the New Black.

Yeah, for some reason I am freaking loving this! I was afraid that Jade is the New Black was too dark and that it wouldn't be easy to discern the difference between that and the black nail art pen I used, but my concerns were unwarranted. I think it looks awesome. Nobody else may think so.. but I'm the one who has to look at them all day. So it's my opinion that matters, right?

I tried to take some bottle shots to show off the shimmery nature of this light green polish. Which is why I originally purchased it. The brand is called Nina Ultra Pro Salon Formula Nail Lacquer. Or it could just be called Pro. I'm really not quite sure. But I really wish it had been more opaque and worked better with my skin color, because it is actually a really neat color. I don't usually like mint green polishes, but the slight duochromey nature of it, which flashes gold and pink in the light, won me over.

Yeah - I don't think the shimmy was really captured in any of these photos. Which is fine, because the shimmer that is present in the bottle was lost on the nail itself anyway. So I suppose this is more true to the real life nature of the polish. 

Oh yeah - the polish is called Mermaid. Which is actually totally fitting if the shimmer would shine through. 

Overall, I feel that this mani came out great, but I would never wear this Nina Ultra Pro polish on its own because of my skin tone. And the opacity issues. But if you girls think that it would work good with your skin you should go to your local Sally's and grab it while they still have some. They had a couple other Nina Ultra Pro polishes as well. Perhaps I will get some and see if they all have the same sheerness issues. 

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  1. I seriously LOVE this. And never would have expected it from you... but it's fantastic! I'm jealous of all of your wonderful creative thoughts that you execute amazingly!!

    BTW, I had to chuckle when you mentioned JITNB, because I remember around St Patty's Day you were on a MISSION to get that polish, haha.