Monday, September 27, 2010

Stash Pics

Hey, this post is especially for BD, who constantly requests pics of my stash. So here you go! 

The necessary tools. 

And the cute little thing I keep them in. 

Miscellaneous Minis. Most Claire's and Bon Bons. 

My surprisingly small number of OPI. I actually don't like OPI all that much. So I guess it's not really surprising. 

Color Club. This collection needs to grow. A lot. I love Color Club. 

The ever expanding Essie collection. 

Sinful Colors

An absolute necessity!!!!! This savesssssssss polishes!! It is a gift from the god I don't believe in. 

Hard Candy

Pure Ice

Krackenpolish. Which sounded much cooler online than it actually is. 

L.A. Colors. I actually just picked these up to use the bottles to franken.. So they won't be around much longer unless they're amazing when I get a chance to try them. 


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. This will increase dramatically by the end of the week because Winn Dixie has a buy one get one free sale. 

Miscellaneous Sally Hansen, but I'm missing a few HD bottles. A pink and a blue one. I have no idea where they went. 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Assorted polishes. Nothing that special. Though if I go to Ulta tomorrow I am def picking up the new Borghese blue glittery polish. 

The expensive ones.

Diamond Cosmetics


China Glaze. I started trying to organize them by type. But then I realized I really don't give a crap. haha. 

Nail Art. Most of these I got on eBay for an awesome deal. 99 cents, plus 20 bucks shipping for 48 of these suckers. That's pretty darn good. 43 cents a bottle. Heck of a lot cheaper than the 1.50 per bottle at Sally's.

The whole collection. I love my crooked diploma. Damn. I should probably fix that. 

Hope you enjoyed! Because it took a lot of work, dammit. 

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!

    thank you, thank you!!

    Did your mom ever go into your room? Haha. I have to rummage through your stash!