Friday, September 10, 2010

Pure Ice: Strapless

Here is Pure Ice Strapless. I'm not the worlds biggest fan of this polish. The glitters by Pure Ice are the exception to the fantastic opacity I have been raving about. So this was 5 coats I think. And still not opaque. If you're really craving a blue polish like this, I stronglyyyy suggest you go online and buy Color Club's Sexy Siren. 10000 times better. And Sexy Siren has larger glitter particles, so your nails overall seem much shinier. Like disco balls. Whereas Strapless is really small glitter so it mostly catches the light if you're in direct sunlight. Anyhoo.. on to the pictures.

Ohhhh! an unintentional blurry picture!! Totally captures the glitter.

Overall - it's okay for two dollars... but color club isn't that expensive on Transdesign, so I would definitely suggest going that route.

1 comment:

  1. You should do a comparison of Color Club vs this. I'm surprised you don't like it! You can try putting it over a blue and see if that helps, it works well for some of my polishes like this.