Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Cherry Tobacco

Yay! I finished my assignment earlier than I thought I would! To be honest, I usually don't expect to finish my assignments more than 10 minutes before they're due. But.. tis the life of a procrastinator. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyhoo - I know what you're thinking... you want less about my character flaws and more about Diamond Cosmetics. Well I don't blame you. So here we go. 

Cherry Tobacco. Wow. I think this is a really shitty picture. What the heck was I thinking. And why is it so blurry? And why is the sun reflecting off of my nails so brightly? What is this, a Flemish genre painting? Okay, so nobody will understand that reference.. but I'm okay with that.


Hmmm... another picture that really doesn't show off this poilsh's potential. But I actually think this is pretty representative of what the color looks like most of the time. It's pretty darn dark. Which is good. Very vampy. Wine-like. The first coat is very sheer, and it looks almost black. But with another coat or two (this is three - could have stuck with two if they were thick coats) the color really starts to glow. This polish is downright luminous is the right lighting. Beautiful. 

Okay now, when I looked at this picture on my screen after I loaded it, it looked a lot less plummy, and more bright red. Maybe if you click on it and enlarge it you will be able to really see the shimmery goodness of this polish. Looking at the bottle you would think that the whole nail would be covered in shimmer, but it is much more sparse than that. But that makes me like it more. I already have a ton of red glitter polishes and don't need anymore.


I love Diamond Cosmetics.

And I love Craig Ferguson

And I love Craig Ferguson more when Kristen Bell is his guest. She is hilarious. 

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  1. I love this name, and I love this color!! I may not be able to stay away from dc... =( poo on you!