Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello Internet World

Hi, my name is ________ and I am a second year Masters Student, potentially on the cusp of obtaining my MLA degree in Humanities. My life is so incredibly hectic (full time grad student, first semester of being a ta, preparing my thesis proposal, as well as my thesis defense panel, not to mention actually writing my thesis), yet I always manage to make time to succumb to my nail polish addiction. Hopefully this blog will provide me with an outlet to share my love of polish with others who feel the same, as well as a little bit of a break from the stresses of everyday life (as well as a fantastic excuse to purchase more polish - as if I need one). I have been wanting to start a blog for long time, but the timing was never right. Nor is it right at the moment, but I figured my birthday just passed and that this year will be the year to get some things in my life accomplished. So not only will I document my love for nail polish, but I will also document the remaining year of my Master's Program, as well as my PhD and Law School application process. It will probably end in heartbreaking disaster, but I am hoping that this blog will allow me to establish some distance between myself and my (many) problems, and hopefully offer me a new (or at least altered) perspective.


  1. I'm very excited you've joined the blog world. You're hilarious, and I love reading it. Plus, it's motivating me to start really working on mine.

    Welcome, Cheeto. Much love.


  2. Yay! Im glad too! Its nice to have something to do that isn't school related. Because seriously I want to hang myself sometimes looking at the amount of work I have to do. Le sigh. Thanks for the welcome corky. And I'm glad that I'm motivating you - because 4 months is wayyyy toooo damn long between posts!