Monday, September 13, 2010

Ulta Haul

So..... my dear friend BD and I went on a lovely trip to Ulta today. Holy crap. We should not be allowed in that store. I don't see how it's possible to nottttt spend nearly a hundred dollars. Everything is so pretty! And it seems so cheap so you rationalize with yourself that you're getting a good deal and that you need to buy it. Next thing you know your 90 bucks poorer. But it is worth it. I absolutely love everything I got. Plus it was great for this blog that I know some people are occasionally reading (even if you guys don't officially follow me). The Ulta polish was on sale for only 2 bucks. So obviously I grabbed a bunch. China Glaze was buy 2 get 1 free - but I usually buy my China Glaze from or so I wasn't as tempted to stock up on those. But omg I'm so glad there was no OPI sale, because instead of 90 bucks poorer, I would be 200 bucks poorer. Anyhoo - they had a lot of fantastic Halloween stuff on sale - like glow in the dark polish for 99 cents. Also.. they strangely had Diamond Cosmetics glow in the dark polishes, which is AWESOME because I think Diamond Cosmetics makes the best Glow in the Dark polishes. Even though they have glitter (which I view as a good thing although I know some will see it as a detractor) they are 100 times more glowey than any other glow in the dark i've owned. Although - I must say I reallllllllllllllly miss the Discovery Channel store - which is where I first discovered that glow in the dark polish existed. That was the best store. I wonder if they still exist. If they do, I don't think they're in the Tampa area anymore. Which sucks. but I digress...


My birthday gifts from the loveeeeeely BD, along with a beautiful card. :) 
From left to right: Sinful Colors Love Nails, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Mint Sprint, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, and Sinful Colors Gorgeous. 
Thank you my love!! You know me so well. :)

And on to Ulta stuff.. 

The Untamed color palette which I was hesitant to purchase, but BD talked me into it.. so I threw it in my basket. lol. It looks pretty awesome and I can't wait to try it out. I also can't wait to buy some more. Damn you Ulta!

Ulta polishes (from Left to Right):  Envy, Steppin Out, Blue Streak, Alter Ego, Sun Sational, and Plum Street in the back. Also in this picture is the little tiny bottle of glow in the dark polish that was 99 cents (side note - why is there no cent sign on my keyboard. how the heck to people make that cent sign? I guess $ 0.99 will work.)

And in this picture you can sort of see the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Shooting Star that I grabbed (because my target is silly and never restocks polishes. Even after they've been opened and broken and empty or are sold out. I don't know why my target has no polish love) and am super excited about. Also I had to refill my dwindling supply of Bare Minerals. I've tried other mineral makeup, like Everyday Minerals, which can be bought online and is super cheap.  But nothing compares to the fabulousness that is Bare Minerals. Totally worth the ridiculous price they have online - but actually at Ulta I think it was pretty cheap. 25 bucks for 8g of foundation, and only 19 bucks for 8 g of mineral veil (WHICH IS THE BEST PRODUCT EVER MADE FOR FACES). Yeah thats right - I yelled it.. because it's true. 

Also in this picture you will see some awesome bows which are adorableeeeee and I can't wait to wear!!!! And what you probably can't see is a FANTASTIC (looking - cause I haven't tried it yet) nail stamping set! OMG! I feel like such a FOOL for buying fake Konad stuff online and waiting 8 years for it to be shipped from China. How could I not have known that this stamping set was right here in my own backyard (relatively speaking - the tampa area). It comes with a plate, a stamp, and a scraper. For how much, you may ask... FOR A DOLLAR AND FOURTY NINE CENTS, I will answer. OMG. I paid over 20 bucks for my Konad stamp (which is incredibly shitty, by the way) and 3 plates.. one of which is the french manicure set that blows big time. I can't believe it. If you have an Ulta near you, get this instead of buying crappy products from China. Not that I have anything against Chinese bootleg movies (cause I'll be dammed if I pay 25 bucks for a 10 year old Disney movie when I can get every disney movie ever made for 20 bucks from China). But I suppose I just expected a better quality product and didn't get it. I tried BD's official Konad set and it blows mine out of the water. This may be why I hate Konad. My plates are too shallow and it doesn't hold any polish. So I'm going to try this Essence set and see if it is any better. And even if it isn't.... IT WAS CHEAPER THAN A 20oz SODA.. which makes it worth it in my book. 

Wow - what a bunch of random ramblings. I think I'll stop now. 

Current Reading:  Edward Said:  Orientalism. 


  1. GOD I LOVE ULTA. Have you used your bow clips? What about the makeup? I need to see swatches of these colors!!

    You are verrrrrrrrry welcome!! Those colors SCREAMED Cheeto when I saw them... obviously (look at your wall color!) haha. Ya know, I was actually searching for the Gossip Girl collection for us both, and couldn't find it at either Target by me! =(

    Have you tried the stamps? I have sooo many questions about these purchases!! haha. Please satisfy my inquisitive mind. =(

    I LOVE YOUUU! < 3 3 3 3 3 3

  2. OH YES! And I googled it (and I was right) -- there's a Discovery Channel store in International!