Sunday, September 26, 2010

I NEEEEEEED THIS POLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB Couture's Eve

Thanks to Scandalously Polished, I now can't think about anything but how I need it. It is the perfect Christmas polish. Make it big. See the glorious red and green glitter. Does nail polish really get any more perfect??? I DONT THINK SO! So.. I need it. I wish it was in an actual store, because I have problems with online shopping. I just can't seem to stop at one. or two. or three polishes. I always get around 10. And that's just not good for anyones wallet, is it. Especially with my DC trip around the corner I've been trying to buckle down with the unnecessary spending. Butttttt... im pretty sure this is an absolute necessity. How can I live without it?? Seriously, any advice would be good. 

I was thinking about trying to franken this. I have never frankened anything before, but I was reading up on Dr. Frankenpolish and I think that I might be able to do it.

Well, I'm going to try to hit up a dollar store or Claire's and see if I can get some mini bottles and just toss out the polish in them. I actually have a bunch of Claire's minis that I hate (ugly pastel yuckiness). I may just swatch those on Tuesday and then try to franken! Exciting! I need to find some glitter though. Dr. Frankpolish recommends Martha Stewart glitter, but I don't know where to find that. So I was thinking of just hitting up JoAnn's or something like that. Perhaps BD and I will have to go on a hunt.... if she's up for it. 

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  1. We are SOOOOO going to franken a million polishes! We will have five for every holiday!