Monday, September 13, 2010

China Glaze: Blue Island Iced Tea

So... on to a polish that I had very high hopes for, but was ultimately disappointed. Not as severely disappointed as with China Glaze Cosmic... but Blue Island Iced Tea is probably not a polish I would wear again. I was not a fan of the formula, it seemed gloopy and sticky. Furthermore - I'm not a fan of the color. I could deal with a bad formula if there was some sort of reason to deal with it. But for me, I've written this color off and will probably never touch it again. Unless I forget about how much I dislike it.. in which case I'm sure the second I put it on I will remember. On to the pictures. 

... the requisite blurry shot. 

Okay.. so looking back at these pictures now, the color doesn't seem nearly as bad as I had thought it was. But it is still pretty sheer. Maybe I just wasn't feeling it because I swatched it shortly after I swatched this other very similar polish that I love from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line that I love called Sea and Be Seen. I was hoping that Blue Island Iced Tea would be a more opaque version of that. But it isn't I'll post pics of Sea and Be Seen in a minute. But I should probably reevaluate this polish on its own. I do love the sparkleyness! I just wish I liked the formula more. It seemed that in real life this color was less periwinkle and more... dusty? greenish? It wasn't really green - but it seemed greener in comparison to Sea and Be Seen. 

It's not so bad.. maybe I'm just a cranky old lady with too high standards and nothing can live up to them. 

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  1. This color is pretty! I think it just needs a million more coats! So you should wait until you have some time and apply a thousand coats and try it again, because from what I see, I love it!