Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Don't Teal My Heart Away


Today I've decided to start sharing some of my loveeee for Diamond Cosmetics. What a fabulous company. The polishes are incredibly cheap! 2 bucks. Shipping for 20 items or less is 5.40 (for me anyway, it's a Florida company, and I live in Florida.. so I don't know if shipping is more to other states or not). They have great colors. And they have great customer service! One time, When I ordered a massive amount of polishes, they forgot one. So I called and an ACTUAL PERSON answered the phone and we were chit chatting while I told her what happened and what was missing, and she was so nice, she said "Oh my goodness, you're missing Cherry Tobacco??? That is my favorite color! I can't believe that happened! We'll send one out to you today!" and I got it 2 days later. So.. overall I've been really happy about my experience with the company.

Now on to the good stuff - the goods. I think Diamond Cosmetic colors are fantastic! Apparently some of them are dupes for Alice + Olivia. I don't have any Alice + Olivia to compare these two - but other bloggers have done the dirty work, and I must say.. they look pretty darn close. So, if it were up to me to choose between two veryyyyyyy veryyyyyy similar (possibly identical) polishes, and one retails for 2 dollars, and the other retails for over 10, you can be damn sure i'm gonna hop on board with the 2 dollar polish. When you have a polish addiction like I do, you can't mess around with crap like overpriced dupes.  (I just googled it and saw a polish for 22 - but I seriously hope that is a gross inflation from the original retail price)

Anyhoooooo... like I said, on to the goods. This is Don't Teal My Heart Away. A truly fabulous deep teal cream. Makes me think of fall for some reason. I wish we had a fall here.

This polish, like all DC polishes, has great wear time. Minimal staining (even without a base coat). And fantastic shine without a top coat! And they dry super fast. Sometimes I even skip Seche because I feel like it will make the drying process longer (and that is saying something). 

Oh I'm so glad I've re-sparked my love for DC. I just ordered a new haul - so that will accompany the huge amount of DC polishes I already have. Along with my haul I got the Diamond Cosmetics matte top coat - so that is veryyyyy exciting! Not that I like matte polish in general - but whenever I see an awesome matte Konad it makes me want a matte top coat so freaking bad. So hopefully now that I will have it I can stop feeling that way. 

I've already swatched a couple more DC polishes. I'll try to upload them while I am at school tomorrow (for my painstakingly long and arduous day of being a TA and taking two 4 hour classes) but I can't make any promises. Worst case scenario, I'll post them when I get home before I pass out.

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  1. OMG I loveee this color!! It's such a Cheeto color, no? You need to take a collection picture of your complete stash of nail polishes! I counted the other day and I have 73... I can only imagine how many you have!!

    We seriously need to have a nail polish party. But then I'll be in debt to them.