Saturday, September 4, 2010

Color Club: Pure Energy and Sexy Siren


I figured I would post some pics of the polish I wore on my birthday, Color Club Pure Energy.

I apologize that these were taken in the semi-shade... it was one of those rare days in Florida that the sun was hiding.

And to top it off, I added some Color Club Sexy Siren. This was part of their Glitter Vixen Collection, which I am absolutely in love with. Admittedly by the time I added the two coats of Sexy Siren, Pure Energy was pretty much entirely obscured, but I love Sexy Sirens amazing shininess. The large glitter makes it reflect more light. There really isn't any situation or lighting that I am in that is unable to transform my nails into fantastic little disco balls.

Okay... so here I tried to do as all the other nail bloggers do and take a blurry picture to show off the glitter... But apparently that ability is an acquired skill, that I have yet to acquire. So... this is really just straight up blurry. 

Overall.. I love Color Club. Pure Energy is really the only neon that I find to be an exception to the problems I have with neons. It wears well and is surprisingly opaque - 2-3 coats will do depending on thickness. 

Well, I hope someone is finding these posts useful. If not, oh well...I am still having fun posting them.


  1. I loveeee Pure Energy! It looks great on you! Your nails and hands really look gorgeous.

    I'm a pro at the blurry pics -- but I suck at the clear ones. I need a new cameraaa. *whine*

    BTW - where are you?? I'm trying to place you in your house and can't. ?? lol

  2. Why thank you! Haha. I'm in Eric's room. In an attempt to hide from the many distractions that my room holds. Clearly a failed attempt, because wherever I go, I will inevitably be able to find a distraction.