Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pure Ice: Iced Copper

Hey! Today I decided to swatch some of my Pure Ice collection for you guys. Unfortunately the daily afternoon thunderstorms we have here in FL ruined my swatching party. But at least I got a few in here.

Iced Copper is a fantastic shimmery copper color, sometimes it looks red, sometimes it looks bronze.. it's awesome. And shimmery! Lots of tiny tiny silver glitter which gives it a slight foil like appearance, but without any of those pesky brush stroke issues. I love it. Its a really fabulous fall color, wouldn't you say? 

Yeah... so that is definitely my dog taking copping a squat in the background. I'm not quite sure how to edit pictures yet so... hopefully I will learn and that won't be happening anymore. lol. 

So.. There it is. Pure Ice:  Iced Copper. If you're into metallic, I definitely suggest checking this out. Especially since it is only two dollars! Two!!! Eventually I'll compare this to some other copper/bronze metallics like Orly Rage. In due time. Once I finish swatching all that I have, I'll start on the comparisons. 

1 comment:

  1. OMG I LOVE BRONZE/COPPERS. They're my favorite. I'd love to have a shimmer bronze/copper haircolor! This is sooooo pretty! This makes me want to travel to wally world just for this polish and wear it ALL. OF. THE. TIME.