Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Hi-Ho Silver

Hehe. What a funny name. It simultaneously makes me think of hookers, the 7 dwarves from Snow White, and Pirates of the Caribbean. All fantastic things. Unfortunately I wasn't sold on this polish when I wore it. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem too bad. But this is definitely not a polish I would grab a lot and be like, 'yeah!! Hi-Ho!!,' you know what I mean? Probably not, since I am the only person I know who gets excited and talks while doing my nails. Perhaps I was just in a rush to get through with this picture taking because right after I put this on, my Essie cube came and I was desperate to try out those polishes. 

Moving on... Pictures!!

Please ignore the dog hair that got stuck in my polish (which will be painfully obvious if you click on the pictures and enlarge them). That always happens!! And if you look at my Sew Psyched entry, there was a dog hair stuck in it and I pulled it out and it totally messed up my whole nail. So this time I let it be. Sorry! 

Hi Ho Silver is a very nice silver/lavender metallic that isn't too bold. The muted colors lend well to its use in the workplace, if you happen to work at a place where people frown upon bright blue or purple nails (my condolences if you do, by the way). My issue with this polish is that it is too safe. And also it is brushstroke city, as per usual with frosty polishes. I suppose I just love China Glaze Avalanche so much, that any purple/silver frost just disappoints in comparison. I should do a comparison swatch of those, but I am really trying to document my whole collection before I do comparisons. Unfortunately I probably have over 200 or 300 bottles of polish now, so that will take forever. Perhaps I'll formulate a new plan of attack. Leave a comment if you would rather see comparisons in addition to/ in lieu of reviews. Just in case you were wondering this polish is much warmer, and much more pink-toned than China Glaze's Avalanche. Avalanche is much more awesome though. But a few dollars more expensive. On the plus side, Avalanche is part of China Glaze's permanent collection, so it can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply, whereas Diamond Cosmetics (as far as I know) is only located online at 

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  1. You can post reviews AND comparisons at the same time! you don't even have to review the second polish, you can do that later! I'd love to see both!

    Also, this is an awkward color, you're right. It's pretty... but iffy.