Sunday, October 31, 2010

China Glaze: Ruby Deer

Here is another polish that I thought I would like more. Though I think the color on this one is phenomenal. The issue I have is with the sheerness of it. I still have VNL after 3 coats. Although this is a jelly and I should have expected it. It's not that noticeable in real life so it wouldn't stop me from wearing it. 

And with Party Hearty:

And in the shade:

I'm actually reallllly not a fan of Party Hearty on this polish. It's too much. Way too busy. I hate it. I think mostly because the silver glitter stands out so much, whereas I don't think it stands out as much against other polishes. Oh well. 

China Glaze: Peace on Earth

Here is Peace on Earth. I thought I would like this polish a little more than I did. It's not bad, and its definitely an unusual color for  a holiday collection, which I love. But I don't think it went well with my skin color. It's still pretty though. 

China Glaze: Mommy Kissing Santa

And the surprise hit of this holiday collection, for me, is easily China Glaze Mommy Kissing Santa! I just love love love it. It is so bright in the sun yet so dark in the shade. Very very 'lit from within' which I love. 

 See how awesome it is!?! Slight shimmer, very shiny, totally fabulous. 

And in the shade:

China Glaze: Jolly Holly

Here is another polish from China Glaze's Tis The Season to be Naughty and Nice collection, Jolly Holly. It is a very fabulous deep green with green and golden shimmer. Very sparkly, although that sparkle is really only evident in the sunlight. This polish was a surprise, because I wasn't really expecting to like it that much, but it ended up being one of my favorites. 

And with two coats of Party Hearty:

In the sunlight:

And in the shade:  

China Glaze: Cheers to You

Sorry for the long delay! I'm in DC and I found it totally preposterous that the Hilton makes you pay 9.95 a day for internet access. I was adamant about not giving them 10 bucks for something that has been free in every hotel I've stayed at for the past 10 years. But eventually I caved. So I might as well make it worthwhile and post some pictures, right? So I'll try to get some of the China Glaze Christmas Collection up. This collection is called Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice. I love being naughty. Not so much with the nice, but I'm working on it. Anyhoo, this is Cheers to You. A very nice foily silver. Very shiny. I like the foil because it disguises the brushstrokes. I love how reflective this polish is. I think it will be a phenomenal New Years polish.

And here it is with one coat of Party Hearty:

And another thick coat of Party Hearty on top of that:

And the same combo in the shade:

Overall... I love it! Great apart, great together. Overall... great!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

China Glaze: For Audrey

First pictures from my new camera! But I still have a lot of pictures I too with my old camera that I have to post, but I just wanted to put this up because its my favorite polish in the world and I was excited about it. This is China Glaze For Audrey. A fabulous bright teal creme. 

And since I was trying out my new camera I took a pic of some trees in my neighbors backyard. Look at those powerlines. Definitely going to be power-less come next hurricane. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I actually took these pictures after 3 days of wear. THREE days. And look at that! No tip wear whatsoever. God I love CND Stickey. Also this was topped with Seche, the best top coat that has ever been created. 

Ultimately this polish is fabulous. Gorgeous. Phenomenal. If you don't have it, you need to get it. Pronto. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milani: Cyberspace

Here is another of the Milani 3D collection, Cyberspace. I freaking LOVE this polish!! I love it so much that I will probably post new pictures of it next month. And the month after that. Forever and every because everyone should know about and own this polish.

Okay maybe I am being a little dramatic, but it is a pretty phenomenal polish. Light blue holo. It simultaneously reminds me of ice crystals and bright blue skies and sunlight reflecting off of the pool. All good things. 

I don't think these pictures truly do this polish justice. But thankfully I just got a new camera!!! A Nikon s8100. So I will definitely be posting new pictures of this polish the next time I wear it. Although with my ever-growing helmer of untrieds, it might take a while. 

Dark Green Comparison: OPI v. Orly

Well unfortunately I still have not discovered how to actually write on my pictures that I upload. So from here on out I will write out the names on pieces of paper and take pictures with those written labels. But here we have OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow v. Orly Enchanted Forest. 

Okay so, Left to Right we have: Enchanted Forest, Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, EF, HTAT

As you can see, Enchanted Forest is a heck of a lot lighter and a lot greener. As well as bluer. It has a teal feel to it, at least when it is compared to HTAG, which I feel has more of a murky, olive green/yellowish undertone. 

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, and Enchanted Forest. 

P.S. Sorry for the ugly, dry cuticles. They have gotten a lot better since I took this picture last month. 

OPI: Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

Here is OPIs Here Today Aragon Tomorrow. A very very very dark jelly green. Veryyyy dark. Damn near black. The only time you can tell it isn't black is in direct sunlight. On to the pics... 

A bottle pic. It doesn't look that dark in the bottle, does it? Deceptive. 

I did three coats on every finger except my pinky. Which was one coat. I just wanted you guys who haven't used it to know how sheer it is. It builds up well, though. But still something that is worth noting. 

And again, the one coat on the pinky. 

Orly: Enchanted Forest

Here's a little gem I picked up a Sally's for 1/2 price. I really love Sally's sometimes, specifically for that reason. And because they carry China Glaze. Anyhoo, here's Enchanted Forest, part of the Fairy Tale collection that Orly had. I really like this. I'm torn between whether I like this or OPI's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow more. But I really like how this is definitely GREEN. OPI looks very black 90% of the time, and only really looks greenish in direct sunlight, which is cool if you're going to be spending a lot of time outside. But I like the fact that this never looses its green-ness. Anyway, this is a dark/forest green creme. Very shiny. This is without a top coat. 

On to the pictures...