Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milani: Cyberspace

Here is another of the Milani 3D collection, Cyberspace. I freaking LOVE this polish!! I love it so much that I will probably post new pictures of it next month. And the month after that. Forever and every because everyone should know about and own this polish.

Okay maybe I am being a little dramatic, but it is a pretty phenomenal polish. Light blue holo. It simultaneously reminds me of ice crystals and bright blue skies and sunlight reflecting off of the pool. All good things. 

I don't think these pictures truly do this polish justice. But thankfully I just got a new camera!!! A Nikon s8100. So I will definitely be posting new pictures of this polish the next time I wear it. Although with my ever-growing helmer of untrieds, it might take a while. 

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