Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mini-mini Haul

This is some pics from my extra mini haul that I just made. I wonder what is the minimum amount of products one needs to purchase in order to constitute a haul. Well anyway, I was on a strict no-buy after spending way too much money on polish last month. But that didn't last too long. So yesterday when I was at the mall I found this amazing store called Beauty Mode. They have Zoya!!!! It's awesome. And they have practically every OPI in the world. Or at least a few polishes from every collection. Easily twice or three times as many as Ulta has. 
Anyway, so while I was there I grabbed the Burlesque mini-collection, which contains Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On! and Ali's Big Break. I must admit I was super excited to see this because I've been coveting Ali's Big Break ever since I saw the All Lacquered Up reviews. I also grabbed some CND Stickey as well as OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. 

Then when I got home I saw that my mailman left me a fabulous present! Now you may ask yourself, is it really a present when you pay for it yourself? And my answer would be yes! Because when you order stuff online (and from China) it takes so long to get here that you forgot what you ordered to begin with! 

Well when I opened my package I found some hex glitter and brushes. I loveeee this glitter! Seriously, I'm pretty sure its exactly what is in Deborah Lippmann products.  So I received an assortment of colors, and some new clean-up/nail art brushes because acetone eats the crap out of my brush bristles. 

Sorry for the crappy pictures! It was dark out when I got home and so I had to take the pics indoors and then the flash kept ruining the pictures, and my camera absolutely refuses to let me take a low-light picture. Seriously it won't let me. It says low-light and then puts the flash on. And if it does by chance actually take a picture, the exposure seems to be like 10 times the length of a normal exposure so its just a blurry greyed out mess. 

Some close-ups of the glitters. So pretty! Unfortunately there are only the hex glitters in there no tiny regular glitter a-la Lippmann. So I've definitely got to find out where to buy some regular glitter that is good for nail art and frankening. 

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  1. OMG I'm in love with everything! Let me know how CND is... and I'm excited for You Don't Know Jacques! You must post pictures soon! Also... hex glitter frankening! GET ON IT WOMAN!