Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Victoria's Secret: Cocktail

Hey, today I bring you a fabulous little polish by Victoria's Secret. This was lent to me by the lovely and fabulous BD, so check out her site.

I absolutely love this polish. I'm slightly obsessed with the color coral, and I think this is a great one. It looks a little washed out in the first picture. I wish I had taken some pics in the shade. But oh well. Just trust me that this polish is very pretty. Really opaque too! And it has some fabulous golden shimmer in it, which makes it a must have in my book. 

Sadly the shimmer in this polish wasn't really captured by my camera. But you can get a little hint of it on the left side of the bottle in this picture. Trust me in real life, its there. I looked on their website because I wanted to buy it, but I couldn't find any Victoria's Secret nail polish. Weird! Maybe they stopped making it, but with colors like this I just don't see why. Plus Victoria's Secret has all sorts of makeup and shimmery glitter powder and ridiculous stuff like that, so I don't see why they wouldn't carry nail polish. 

And Abby felt the need to come over and lay by my foot as I was taking these pics. She's so silly. 

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  1. I told you this is stunning! It's so much nicer on than in the bottle. So opaque and I adore the color!