Monday, October 4, 2010

Essie: In Stitches

Well here are some pictures from my least favorite polish of the Essie Fall 2010 collection. In Stitches is a muted dusty pink. I thought it looked fabulous when Emerald Sparkled wore it. And because of that I didn't believe Scrangie when she called it a grandmother color, but I was a fool to doubt her. It absolutely is. And the polish looked really strange and didn't end up smooth, but I'm probably to blame because I put lotion on shortly after putting the polish on. Anyhoo, I don't like the color. But it would probably be good for some nail art. Here are the pics, 

And in the shade. I like it better in the shade/indoors. But that doesn't really make up for me disliking it the rest of the time. I took this off after a few hours. 

1 comment:

  1. It's a pretty color, but I tottttaaaaalllllyyyy see the how it looks grandma! I wonder if it's just on certain people? Because it's really pretty... how strange!