Saturday, October 2, 2010

Claires: Pastel Blue

Hey! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while - at least it seems like a while to me. I had to bring my lappy into Apple because  my CD burner wasn't working. Turns out that one of those little plastic things that attach tags to clothes was stuck inside. hehe. I think that's a sign to stop buying so many clothes. I mean really - if your closet can't fit any more, you need to stop buying. But apparently I am unable to understand that. Instead I just buy those giant bins from Walmart to make room to hang my new clothes. I really should just move to a new place that has a bigger closet.

Anyhoo - onto nail polish. I'm going to upload pics from two Claire's collections, a pastel collection and a neon collection. We'll start with the pastels.

Pastel Blue: 

Very bright! A real, true sky blue creme (I know I've been fluctuating between Cream and Creme - but I'll go with the French version because it's more exotic). Nice color - but horrible formula. I hate the formula for all of this collection, and even more for the neon collection. These were all 4 coats, in order to even out the streakiness. 

And in the shade:

More true to the actual color, a little deeper blue. Still very pretty. 

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