Monday, October 4, 2010

OPI: Holiday Glow

  I also have some pictures of a fabulous polish by OPI, Holiday Glow. I wore this a few days ago in honor of the fall weather we've been having lately. Unfortunately that wonderful cold front is just a fluke and we will be going back to 90+ degrees very soon. But that doesn't make this polish any less awesome. I'm actually shocked that I like it, when I originally purchased it I had thought that it would be like a champagney shimmer. Wow was I wrong. But in the best way possible. I already have about 10 champagney colored shimmers/glitter. This is the only true brown that I own, I believe. I'm definitely not a brown person. But I'm glad I got this. The shimmer is what makes it awesome. Although I know it is part of one of the OPI Christmas/Winter collections, I think this is 100 percent a fall/thanksgiving polish. 

Enough rambling. On to the pictures. 

And in the shade: 

This bottle pic in the shade really lets you see the golden glitter. And it really does show up on the nail, unlike some other glitter polishes. 

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