Monday, October 18, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics: Chainmail Charm

Holy crap!!! 100 posts!!! Wow. I seriously need to get a life. Because it seems like no one reads these. Maybe I am wrong though and people do appreciate all these pictures. Well, I figured I'd bring you one of my absolute favorites, Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm. This is a fantastic charcoal color with tons of little holo particles. A true rainbow on the nails. So this is a picture heavy post. Sorry in advance if you're not a fan of the pics.  

A blurry one that doesn't really show off the true rainbowness. Oh well, I tried. 

See the rainbow!! Beautiful!

This one is my fav. It really represents how this polish looks in the sun. It is really hard not to stare at your hands when wearing this. 

On a side note... This is the sad state of my iphone. Tear. It has been like this for a while.. but now my phone won't stay on silent. Only 6 more months till I can get an upgrade. :( 6 longggg months. 

Yay! More rainbows!!

And Nikki. She was snoozing, but then she mysteriously opened one eye and was staring at me. hehe. 

And this is what it looks like in the shade. No rainbow. But I still really love the base color. 

And Nikki's bandana. It has little bones on it. 

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