Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dark Green Comparison: OPI v. Orly

Well unfortunately I still have not discovered how to actually write on my pictures that I upload. So from here on out I will write out the names on pieces of paper and take pictures with those written labels. But here we have OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow v. Orly Enchanted Forest. 

Okay so, Left to Right we have: Enchanted Forest, Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, EF, HTAT

As you can see, Enchanted Forest is a heck of a lot lighter and a lot greener. As well as bluer. It has a teal feel to it, at least when it is compared to HTAG, which I feel has more of a murky, olive green/yellowish undertone. 

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, and Enchanted Forest. 

P.S. Sorry for the ugly, dry cuticles. They have gotten a lot better since I took this picture last month. 

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