Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rimmel: Iced Honey

A few weeks ago (my how the time flies!!) my lovely buddy BD let me try out one of her favorite polishes, Rimmel London's Iced Honey. And man!!! I can see why she loves it so much! It's a sheer golden shimmer polish meant for layering. And damn, its phenomenal. 

Here I have it layered over a polish I've posted before, Icing's Laura's Fav. 

Sorry for the shadiness. The sun disappeared behind some clouds between the time that I took the second set of pictures. 

I just love it so much! I think it's great over blue. It would be fabulous over pink. Superb over red. Reminiscent of the Vikings if layered over purple. I just think its awesome. And I've been looking all over online and I can't find it. Which sucks. Because I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it. Or I need a polish very very very similar. So please, if you know of a good golden shimmery layering polish let me know! I'd love you forever and ever. 

By the way, Rimmel London makes me think of London itself, and then that makes me think of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. And then I just get sad because I miss it so much! It feels like it's been forever since that show has been on. It will probably air in Jan with Californication. But that is still really far away.   : (

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  1. Hahaha I totally forgot I lent you this, too! I'm glad you understand the sheer AMAZINGNESS of this polish! I love it soooo much!

    I toooooooottally talked to an English woman the other day and tried SO HARD not to try and talk British. I really wish I were British. Le sigh.

    PS - You could try this over a red and see how you like it. (To help in your experiment for The Show Must Go On.)