Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dark Blue Franken!

Heyyyyy, Today I made my first franken!!! I'm so excited! Well, not my first because I do have my frankened holo top coat, but I don't think that really counts since all I did was add glitter to Seche Vite. This, on the other hand, was a lot more fun! And it involved a lot more polishes! Okay not a lot more.. but a few more. 

Also, just a warning, this is veryyyyy picture heavy! I really wanted to show you its awesomeness, and hopefully I did. 

My intent, while creating this polish, was to make up for the disappointment I had after I purchased China Glaze's Midnight Mission. I was expecting Midnight Mission to remind me of the night sky and all of its shimery-ness and shininess. But it didn't. I really wasn't a fan of the silver glitter, and I think there is way too much of that silver glitter in the bottle. I thought that it would look a lot better with some yellow/gold glitter, and since I already had Absolutely Alice, it seemed like a perfect fit seeing as how Absolutely Alice is completely comprised of blue and yellow glitter. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I love this polish. I think I'm going to wear it all the time, since I own a lot of blue clothes (not that my clothes have to match my nail polish, but I like it when my nails at least go with my clothes in some way, either by contrasting or being in the same color family). It will be perfect

To make this I started off with a whole bunch of clear polish. Then I added some of Ulta's Moody Blues. Then I added a splash of Icing's 7th Inning Stretch (although it was probably completely unnecessary). Then I added a little bit of OPI's Absolutely Alice. 

Bottle Pictures: 

I tried not to add too much glitter, because I would really rather it be more sparse. But oh well, it's glitterific. And I guess that's cool. I wish I had thought beforehand that since I was trying to make a jelly polish, that the glitter on the bottom coats would show through to the top. But I didn't think about that. I like it anyway, though. 

I think these two (top and bottom of this text) show off the glitter and the polish the best. Make them big!

And a blurry shot to try to show off the glitter more, but it didn't really work out as well as I had thought it would. 

And the shady pics:

I think it is still very pretty indoors/in the shade. 

I am thinking about putting a few drops of OPI's Suzi Says Feng Shui to lighten it up a bit. What do you think? Good as is or that it is a little too dark?

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  1. That's so pretty!!!! I love it how it is. It's perfect! What an awesome job you did -- it's something I'd def purchase!