Friday, October 22, 2010

Sally Hansen: Going Grape

Here is a polish that normally I would be madly in love with. But unfortunately I hate it!! I don't have issues with the color. The color is gorgeoussss. But the formula fucking blows. I usually like Insta-Dri's. But this was a goopy, runny mess. This was the 3rd attempt at applying this polish. The other attempts ended with splotchy polish and globs hanging off of some nails. 

The application for this attempt wasn't too bad, but that's because I thinned the polish out with Seche Restore. I really don't think I should have to thin out a brand new polish. But oh well. 

I do love the duochrominess. And the shimmer. And I just think the shade of purple is gorgeous. Though I definitely won't be reaching for this polish in a pinch. 

And in the shade: 

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