Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sally Hansen: Lagoon

Well this is the polish that prompted me to try out the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Line. Because quite frankly, the core line that they originally came out with was pretty god damned ugly (with the exception of Commander in Chic). So anyhoo, when I saw the spring line inspired by beaches and mermaids and all sorts of pretty tropically things, I knew I was going to have to cave and try them out. 

So this was originally the only color that I wanted. It just seemed so fabulous on all the other bloggers sites. unfortunately, I'm really not a fan. Which is a shocker if you know me, because I'm usually all overrrr anything that is blue/green/sparkly/and shimmery. But I suppose my expectations were just too high.

In the polish's defense, these pictures don't really do it justice. They seem really washed out. Bizarre. The polish is a slightly darker teal in real life, with a hint of yellow/golden shimmer. The pictures on Vampy Varnish are more true what the polish actually looks like, at least color wise. For some reason this just didn't really work with my skin I guess, because it just seems blah to me. 

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