Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Came Early!!

Damn! I ordered a lot of polish!!! In my defense - I reallllllllly needed the China Glaze To Be Naughty or Nice Holiday collection. Because it's phenomenal.

And of course since I was ordering from 8ty8, I needed to make the shipping charges worthwhile, so I added on a couple Color Club's from the recent Untamed Luxury collection, as well as a few miscellaneous CG and CC.

And then I found a fabulous little sale on Magic Maid, so I took advantage and ended up with 23 polishes from her. 

I really ought to be ashamed. But I'm not because I'm too damn excited!!!

So I didn't even know my camera had this function where it takes a super long time to process a picture but you don't need to use flash inside. But the top picture is what my polishes looked like using that. 
The bottom picture is normal macro with flash. 

The polishes are (from left to right) Top row: Color Club Wild Orchid, De-Luxe-cious, Snakeskin, Wild at Heart, and Soft as Cashmere. Bottom Rom: China Glaze Party Hearty, Jolly Holly, Frosty, Peace on Earth, Cheers to You, Ruby Deer, Mommy Kissing Santa, Emerald Sparkled, Bermuda Breakaway, and my replacement For Audrey. 

Holy crap! So many polishes! Top Row (Left to Right): H&M Mad About You, Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You, Gosh Mystery Night, Gosh Black Passion, Wet 'n Wild Gilded, Wet 'n Wild Frostbite, Finger Paints Laugh My Art Off, Milani Cyberspace, Milani Hi-Tech, Sinful Colors San Francisco, Sinful Colors Rise and Shine. 

And Bottom Row (L to R): Icing Ice Queen, Rimmel London Hard Edged, Rimmel LondonNight Before, Nina Ultra Pro Velvet Revolver, Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone, Nina Ulta Pro Vintage Velvet, Maybelline Steel Wheeling (which looks AMAZING), Maybelline Spin Around Brown, Maybelline Glass Slipper, Sally Hansen In The Navy, Maybelline Express Finish Brown Aluminum, NYC Chinatown.


I also have a package from Zoya scheduled to arrive tomorrow, as well as a package from Barry M containing, among other things, Dusky Mauve! I'm so excited to have a Paradoxal dupe!! 

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