Saturday, October 2, 2010

Claires: Pastel Purple

And here's the pastel purple. It is actually my favorite out of this collection, because I don't really have anything like it color-wise. 

There's a subtle shimmer in this polish. And the reason it's my favorite purple is because it has a lot of blue in it. All of the other pastel purples that I have, and I have quite a few, all make my hands look dirty for some reason. They totally clash with my skin tone, and I never wear them. But this purple s really pretty on me, I think. I wish the formula was better, but I might be willing to put up with it for this polish. Maybe it would be better with a good base coat. I'll have to try gealous, because that is apparently what every other nail blogger uses and loves. At the moment I'm using China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat, and I feel like it is always leaving chunks of dried base coat on my nail. And I clean off the top of it after every use with nail polish remover. It is very strange. Maybe I just got something in the bottle, who knows. But I don't have that problem with any other polish. 

Gorgeous!! Right?? Perfect for Easter and Spring, which is why I originally purchased this set. 

And in the shade:

Pretty much the same. 

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