Saturday, October 2, 2010

Butter London: Chuffed Gradient

After being inspired by All Lacquered Up's Butter London Gradient over Teal, I decided to see how these Butter London jelly's looked built up on their own. 
This is Chuffed, the orange jelly. I actually love this color. Admittedly in the pictures it looks a little strange, but in real life I loved it. 
I think this would probably look really awesome over yellow, or over blue, or over anything really. It's fabulous. I was hesitant to buy into the butter London thing, but I love the two polishes I have. I'm just waiting for some sales to get some more. Also... I couldn't find them at Ulta, but I'll have to look harder next time. I got these off of hautelook because they had a 2 for 1 deal that I couldn't pass up. These polishes go for 14 bucks a piece. Yeah, it's crazy. So if you see a good deal like that, grab them! They're worth it. The only problem with hautelook is that they now send me about 304847 emails a week. 

So to do this mani, I started off with one coat, and then built it up to 6 while moving up my nail with the starting point. All Lacquered Up explains it better. 

Anyhoo, I really like Chuffed. I love the shade of orange, I love the glitter, I love everything about it. I even love its sheerness, because it lets me do manis like this. Overall, a real winner. 

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