Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OPI: Give Me The Moon

This is another polish that I bought a long time ago and I absolutely hated. After I tried it in, I thought it didn't work with my skin tone, and that it was a waste of 7 bucks. I desperately wanted to trade it on MakeUp Alley, but no one wanted it. So I kept it. And I figured I should try it again and at least take pictures so that I could see why I hate it so much. Caution:  Slightly picture-heavy post. 

Turns out... it's not so bad. Very sheer and frosty, which may be why I didn't like it before, but it is kind of refreshing now. I wear soooo many vibrant colors that it is kind of nice to look down and see a subtle polish. I still don't think it works well with my skin tone, but I do think that it will make a nice wintery polish. Akin to the new China Glaze Frosty that just came out and is on its way to me righttttt nowwww! yay. Also, I bought like over 50 bottles of nail polish in the past few days. Which makes me sad because now I am on a VERY SERIOUS no buy (unless I spot Barielle's Elle's Spell - but since I will be trying my damnedest to stay away from Ulta, hopefully I won't see it)

Okay these first pictures are just with the polish by itself. Nice...shimmery and pearlescent. Silvery with hints of blue in the shimmer, which I love. A wee bit brushstrokey, but honestly that wasn't something I noticed in person, only looking at them on here. This was 3 coats by the way.  Probably could have gone with two, but I wanted maximum coverage. It applied smoothly though, as all OPIs do. 

Okay, and now here I put two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather (my go-to black) underneath my middle and ring fingers. It kind of changes the polish, but I had thought it would be a lot more apparent. This is two coats of Give Me The Moon over the Liquid Leather. It makes Give Me The Moon look significantly more blue, which is pretty neat. Although I think I like it better on its own. What do you think?

So I was wondering, I know some people look at my site but I don't know if I actually have people who read it. If I do, I want to make sure my site has what they think it should have. For instance, I know a lot of nail blogging sites only put up one picture per polish. Would you recommend I do the same? Or do you like the variety?? Please let me know in the comments if you have an opinion on the matter! 


  1. I love that you use multiple pictures of the same polish. You can see different things from different angles I believe. Anywho, I featured one of these swatches on my blog so I wanted to be sure I gave you a heads up!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the feedback and for letting me know about the pictures.