Sunday, December 12, 2010

Revlon: Frankly Scarlet with Slipper

Okay, after seeing these glitters on Scrangie's site and hearing her rave about them I knew I had to grab them when I saw them at Big Lots (2 in a package for 2 dollars - could it get any cheaper?). So, this is one of the two packages I grabbed. I assume the polishes are meant to go together, and this set certainly does. But the second set I grabbed is a sheer gold polish with dark blue glitter - which I don't think goes nearly as well as this. But anyhoo - on to the polish.

Okay - I realllllllly really like this red. I mean REALLY like it. It isn't super dark or saturated, instead it reminds me of a light, summery cocktail or something. Okay - that is a strange association. But I'm just trying to say it is not a dark deep red that I would associate with fall or winter. It is bright and cheery. It has a beautiful subtle shimmer in it. I would grab another set of these for this polish alone. 

And here it is layered. The above picture is one coat and the picture below is two coats. I have to say - I don't really like this glitter that much. It has some pros (like drying in 30 seconds - seriously. I put that coat on and grabbed my camera and by the time I finished taking the picture it was dry as a bone), but I just don't like how sparse the glitter is. 

And in the picture below - there is just something about it that I don't love. It made me like the base polish less, which is never good. I just think it is weird. 

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