Friday, December 10, 2010

OPI: No Room for the Blues

Here is OPI No Room for the Blues from OPIs Brights collection. Really the only thing I remember about that is the promo picture of a chicks ass in bright orange jeans. It doesn't really scream out 'buy this nail polish' to me, but hey. I'm no advertising executive. 

This polish is a ver pretty bright blue creme. Probably very similar to Sally Hansen Blue Streak. I will make a note to compare the two. And I will probably get to doing so around... April. Because that is just how I roll. I'm a perpetual procrastinator. 

I think this last picture is the truest to its real life color. The others are a little washed out I feel. So weird, because they looked washed out when I took the pictures outside, and then I retook pictures inside, and they still look like that. Oh well, maybe my new camera just does not like bright blue. 

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