Monday, December 6, 2010

China Glaze: DV8

DV8 is a really beautiful, well pigmented holo teal. The least holo-ey of this collection (that I have), I think the beauty of the teal really shines through. I love this shade the most, because this teal is definitely a color I would rock on its own. The fact that it is sprinkled with holo goodness just makes me love it 10 times more. 


  1. I want the whole OMG collection, haven't got a single one yet! :( Pretty holo! It's really stupid, but this is the only name of the collection i don't get! what stands DV8 for? Haha!

  2. I love the OMG collection! You should definitely grab some while you can. They dont have many (or any) color choices at Transdesign or any of the major polish e-sellers, but I did find a nice selection at . If you're interested you should check it out.

    Lol, and I am not sure about this name either. Clearly they were running out of ideas. I have no idea how 'deviate' fits in with the BFF, OMG, etc internet lingo theme. Oh well. It is still pretty.