Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OPI: Ink

While I was at Ulta buying my brother a Christmas gift to give to his girlfriend (why are guys so lazy??) I grabbed a few extra things for myself. And one of those was OPI Ink. And I am sooooo glad I did! Although it does look much cooler in the bottle, I still really love the purple glitter awesomeness. It is like a brighter China Glaze First Ticket. It alway looks purple, no matter how dark the lighting. And in the sun it looks brilliant! Like a dark version of a combination between China Glaze Flying Dragon and Blue Sparrow. 

Close up - I don't know how to get a clearer picture of this. I've got to play around with my camera more.

(On a side note - I hate uneven bottle labels. I wish I could peel it off and stick it back on properly.)


  1. OPI Ink is a great color! So nice of you to do your brother's shopping for him. :)