Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nfu-Oh 56

Yay! I got some Nfu-Ohs (pronounced "en-foo-ohs") for Christmas. Today I'm showing you 56, which is a gorgeous green with the trademark Nfu-Oh fabulous flakie. This polish is really different from the other Nfu-Oh that I've tried, which is more of a flakie suspended in a clear base. With this polish because the base the flakies are suspended in is so opaque it is kind of hard to see the actual flakes. But they're still there and they are awesome. I used one layer of Nfu-Oh 56 over two layers of Ulta Envy, which is a really pretty dark lit-from-within shimmery green. I'll have to take some pics of it on its own one day. But here in FL it has been pretty crappy out lately - it seems like any time I have time to swatch the weather refuses to cooperate. Hopefully that will change soon - because I have sooooo many gorgeous polishes to show you guys! For Christmas I also got 10 of the Sally Hansen Prisms, 3 other Nfu-Ohs, and of course just a crapload of regular good old polishes to show you. So - stay tuned! and enjoy the Nfu-Oh goodness. 

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